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Spanking Slaves Two tied up slavegirls in strict spanking and extreme caning punishments. Slavegirl Nimue is securely tied to the rack in the barn.
Strict Caning Spanking and caning are one of the oldest forms of corporal punishment.. Girls getting their bottoms spanked, whipped and caned painfully
Disciplinary Spanking English fetish slavegirls humiliating examination and spanking punishment. Two disobedient british slavegirls in spanking
Spanking and Shame Slavegirl Emma and Cherry in Spanking and Humiliation. Kinky slavegirls in rough humiliation and extreme spanking

Strict Spanking Dark english slavegirls Pixie and Nimue in spanking and caning in bondage. Their red bottoms are given a thorough painful workover
Bizarre Spanking Blonde slave girl Miss Chaos looses a bet with her workmate and as a consequence she has to face a humiliating workout and fierce caning on her bare bottom.
Painful Lesbian Spanking Fat ass brunette starts weeping in the course of hard spanking treatment
Spanking Tiffany Slim girl Tiffany gets hard spanking in her own couch. Hardcore spanking action in HI-definition
Sexual Spankings Three amateur fetish slaves in kinky spanking and perverted sexual blowjob action
Shameful Spanking
Bizarre british spanking and humiliation of kinky slavegirls Emma and Nimue with leather belts and a painful riding crops on bare asses. The chubby english submissive Emma is given a rough spanking and humiliated spitefully by her stern master.

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Latest Spanking Wiki entry on corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is the infliction of agonising pain with the intention of altering an attitude, correcting the overly cheeky or disciplining the slave. As such corporal punishment is fundamentally different to the various forms of erotic spanking that aims to pleasure as well as cause pain. In itself corporal punishment is not intented to cause pleasure, it is a punishment and aimed at being correctional, discipline or otherwise. Corporal punishment is most often carried out with an implement such as a leather belt, a cane or strap. Read More

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A Fair and Just Response

When Mrs. Wicker applied the fortieth and final stroke to Mrs. Fielding, she had the enormous satisfaction of seeing the bawling woman jump up and down for two minutes before she had calmed sufficiently to take her place in the line of shame. Mrs. Wicker noted with glee that the woman continued to bawl throughout three other canings, but never once did her hands leave the top of her head. Read the rest of the spanking story

A Babygirl Weekend

Larry let her cry for a few minutes and once she calmed down, helped her to her feet. Katie's hands immediately shot to her bottom and she started dancing around the room in the classic manner of spanked little girls everywhere. IT was really a comical sight, her hands scrubbing furiously, her tiny round breasts bobbing up and down in time with her jumps. Larry had to restrain himself from bursting out laughing.Read the rest of the spanking story

Tales of Discipline and Corporal Punishment

We have something really good for all you here. It´s with great pride I can present a full spanking novel. Mark E. DeSade has written the e-book called: Tales of Discipline and Corporal Punishment. With permission I have put the book online for download. Sizzling spanking novel and pleasureably painful reading will be coming your way. Read the spanking novel Tales of Discipline

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