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Female Spanking
Extreme corporal punishment caning and spanking domination of slavegirl Crystel Lei. Miss Chaos dominates and punishes her lesbian slave girl viciously with cruel canings on her bare bottom. Cruel red stripes are drawn across the bottom of welsh fetishmodel Crystel Lei as her stern mistress Chaos delivers a long series of severe cane strokes on her bare bottom.

Spanking Tears
Punishment of blonde bdsm slavegirl Donna Denniere in spanking to tears. The british submissive is licking her masters boots whilst in extreme bare bottom spanking. Spanking to tears of suffering boot licking blonde bdsm slavegirl Donna Denniere.

Breast Whipping
Screaming japanese slavegirl in bondage and extreme breast whipping punishment in the bdsm dungeon

Tears Of A Whip
Tears of The Whip Featuring Donna Denniere. Extreme spanking and whipping of crying blonde slavegirl Donna Denniere. The submissive is bound arms above head in the lounge and paddled, whipped and spanked severely

Spanking Shame
Bizarre british spanking and humiliation of kinky slavegirl Emma with a leather belt and a painful riding crop on her bare ass, tounge and legs. The chubby english submissive is given a rough spanking and humiliated spitefully by her stern master. Emma crawls on the dungeon floor screaming in pain as the leather belt leaves deep red welts on her deserving slavegirl bottom.

Crying Whipping
Blonde british submissive Miss Chaos tied on a table in the dungeon for punishment. Severe ass spanking and whipping of her sore red bottom by the cruel master. Sadistic whipping to tears and painful tied spanking of blonde slavegirl Chaos. The painslave is punished by hand spanking, a leather strap and a riding crop.

Daniellas Pain
Slavegirl Daniella is a classic painslut who gets turned on by the helplessness of strict bondage and the pain of the biting whip Daniella only recently started her intensive slave girl training but she is already capable of enduring severe torments and smsex sessions. The busty slavegirl needs regular visits to the dungeon to keep her obedience levels tolerable, but nothing makes her more wet and playful than a thorough breast whipping punishment

Asian Spanking
Lesbian asian girlfriend in classic erotic spanking punishment in the bedroom

Emmas Spankings
Submissive bdsm slavegirl Emma Louise in strict discipline and spanking punishments

Dutch Spanking
Private dutch amateur bdsm slave in extreme gagged spanking and red bottom punishments

Pussy Caning
British bdsm slavegirls pussy caning and painful training in the dungeon

Foot Punishment
Blonde bdsm slave Chaos in bondage and extreme foot punishment bastinado in the dungeon

Tit Whipping
Bdsm slaves kinbaku breast bondage torment and extreme tit whipping pain. Slavegirl Nimue has her tits in strict confinement, leaving her big tits bulging outwards in a restraining bondage harness. Busty lifestyle S&M slave Nimue is bondaged to a ladder and tit tormented.

Lesbian Spanked
Mistress Natasha spanking her blonde masochistic slavegirl. Painful lesbian spanking with the strap and the cane. The fetish mistress leaves her blonde submissives bottom red and severely sore after a thorough disiciplinary spanking with the strap and cane. Lesbian pain and punishment with Natasha

Angels Spanking
Kinky slavegirl Angel in rough spanking domination and punishment of her big tits

Amateur Spanked
Amateur slaves single tail whipping and spanking in public at the fetish fair

Prisoner Whip
Bound blonde prisoner slavegirl Crystel Leis breast whipping and bdsm torment

Tit Whipping
Bondage slavegirl Daniellas painful big breast whipping in the dungeon

Emmas Palm Spanking and Extreme Caning
Slavegirl Emmas palm spanking punishment and extreme caning in the dungeon. Slavegirl Emma taken to the old dungeon for corporal punishment and correctional disciplinary torments. The busty brunette is caned on her palms, breasts, legs and arse by her master. Palm spanking is a classic form of female slave punishment

Japanese caning
Japanese slavegirl Michikos bondage and extreme caning in the dungeon

Sexual Spanking
Kinky dark slavegirl in extreme bondage whipping and rough sexual spanking German fetish slavegirl is tied to a table and giving a handjob whilst severely spanked

Breast Whipping
Blonde fetishmodel Donna Denniere in strict breast whipping and pussy spanking punishments. Painful breast spanking and pussy whipping for submissive bdsm slave Donna from England. The cute blonde screams in agony as the riding crop viciously punishes her tits and pussy.

Busty Whipping
Busty bdsm slave Daniella in blindfolded whipping and extreme tit torments

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Latest Spanking Wiki entry on corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is the infliction of agonising pain with the intention of altering an attitude, correcting the overly cheeky or disciplining the slave. As such corporal punishment is fundamentally different to the various forms of erotic spanking that aims to pleasure as well as cause pain. In itself corporal punishment is not intented to cause pleasure, it is a punishment and aimed at being correctional, discipline or otherwise. Corporal punishment is most often carried out with an implement such as a leather belt, a cane or strap. Read More

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A Fair and Just Response

When Mrs. Wicker applied the fortieth and final stroke to Mrs. Fielding, she had the enormous satisfaction of seeing the bawling woman jump up and down for two minutes before she had calmed sufficiently to take her place in the line of shame. Mrs. Wicker noted with glee that the woman continued to bawl throughout three other canings, but never once did her hands leave the top of her head. Read the rest of the spanking story

A Babygirl Weekend

Larry let her cry for a few minutes and once she calmed down, helped her to her feet. Katie's hands immediately shot to her bottom and she started dancing around the room in the classic manner of spanked little girls everywhere. IT was really a comical sight, her hands scrubbing furiously, her tiny round breasts bobbing up and down in time with her jumps. Larry had to restrain himself from bursting out laughing.Read the rest of the spanking story

Tales of Discipline and Corporal Punishment

We have something really good for all you here. It´s with great pride I can present a full spanking novel. Mark E. DeSade has written the e-book called: Tales of Discipline and Corporal Punishment. With permission I have put the book online for download. Sizzling spanking novel and pleasureably painful reading will be coming your way. Read the spanking novel Tales of Discipline

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