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This is a fictional story that involves spanking. Please do not read if that
does not interest you or you are under eighteen.

This story is told by a mythical friend, I have a small part in the story.



I have always had a curious nature, I don’t know why, it’s just me. Sometimes
it’s good, and other times it can be quite troublesome.

In some ways I was always jealous and in some ways I would have never wanted
to trade places, but still I was curious. I was very curious about what it
was like. Spanking, I mean. Daria and her sister were spanked at home, she
would sometimes tell me about it, and other times her younger Sister ( whose
name I’m not allowed to use here) would talk about a spanking one or the
other had recently received. I would always urge them to give me all the
details they could remember and I would hungrily devour every morsel of

My favorites were when they got spanked together, it was so much fun
listening to the two of them tell the tail of their tails, as they referred
to it.

I spent many hours wondering what it would be like to get a spanking, I
imagined myself in a thousand situations getting spankings from all sorts of
people. But it seemed it was never to be, my parents just didn’t believe in
spanking and the schools didn’t spank students. I was always going to have to
wonder, or so it seemed to me.

Daria and I had just graduated from High School and we wanted to take a
trip, since our parents were going to pay the bill they seemed to think they
should have some say in where we went. It was finally decided that we could
drive to Arizona and spend a few days visiting the Grand Canyon and other
things that might be worth seeing. We would be staying at Daria’s Uncle’s
house while in Phoenix.

The next week found us at Daria’s Uncle’s house, that’s where I satisfied my
curiosity about what it would be like to get a spanking.

To make a long story short, we had driven up to the Grand Canyon in their
Uncle’s car. The other two didn’t know I’d brought a bottle of Jack Daniel’s
along. We were almost back to his house when I pulled it out and took a drink
and passed the bottle to a surprised Daria. It was at that moment a local cop
pulled us over and was in the process of giving us a ticket for having an
open bottle of booze and drinking. It was then he realized that we were
underage and his beady eyes light up with glee at the prospect of dragging us
off to what ever pig sty passes for jail in the dusty area that is laughingly
referred to as the state of Arizona.

To make a too long story shorter, her Uncle happened by and was able to get
us off the hook on the spot via a quick car phone call to a friend on the
police force. The cop that had stopped us had to settle for giving us a
blistering lecture and was looking very disappointed, until their Uncle
talked to him on the side for a few minutes. As he talked to the cop, I
thought the cop looked happier as he talked and left almost smiling.

When we got back to the house I was sent to the bedroom and the other two
were kept in the living room. I wondered what was up what that. I could hear
the sounds of his voice through the walls, I couldn’t make out what was being
said, but it was a one way conversation and his tone didn’t indicate he was
very happy.

I was nervous with the anticipation of the situation, I wondered to my self.
“Would they get spanked? Naw that wasn’t likely.” I guessed. I found my self
some what ashamed at the sudden realization that I wanted them to both get a
spanking. Here I was, hoping my two friends got spanked for something I was
to blame for, I was a mixture of emotions at the realization of how badly I
wanted a spanking to take place.

I edged towards the bedroom door and opened it very carefully and ever so
slowly. I was now able to pick up the words, being spoken in a firm almost
hard voice by their Uncle. My ears burned with embarrassment and the
excitement of what I hoped was about to take place.

I strained, and was able to pick up the words clearly now that I had edged
out of the doorway and was standing in the hallway. “How much closer did I
dare go?” I wondered. “Would I be caught, might their Uncle see me, and what
would he say then?” I gulped to myself. “Or even more, what would he do if he
caught me spying?”

His voice was crystal clear. The words made it evident that he was displeased
and that his sense of justice demanded an immediate spanking be administered
to two naughty young ladies. I edged forward to put my self in position to
see what was happening.

Their Uncle was at an angle from where I was peering around the corner,
Daria’s sister was first to get spanked. She had just gone across his lap.
Her petite pale bare bottom was directly in my view. Her shorts were at her
ankles and her panties were turned inside out and being pulled down by her
Uncle, he stopped at the backs of her knees. She was laying limp across his
lap. Her bare feet were crossing and uncrossing in fidgety anticipation.

The sound of the first spank clapped across the room and then the second
spank landed. I felt faint with the experience, I would have given anything
to be able to run out into the middle of the room and be able to watch and
savor every sight and sound of what was happening.


“Pplleeaasseee” SPANK, CLAP, “Eeeeeeee” SPANK CLAP

I felt beads of sweat on my forehead as I watched her bottom take on a red
hue and her hopping on his lap with each swat of his hand on her bottom. It
was almost more than I could bear, I felt both faint and very aroused at the
sight of my poor younger friend getting a bare bottom spanking across her
Uncle’s knee. I wanted to watch this forever and at the same time I felt
cheated and left out.


She began yelping softly, with every swat, her legs were spread apart and
each was making a small circle in the air. I looked at Daria who was standing
a few feet away from the proceedings, she had a pensive look as she was
watching her sister get her spanking. “What must she be thinking?” I
wondered. “Knowing that she’s next. I wondered what it must be like to know
you’re about to get a spanking.” I felt a thrill run up my spine as I played
with the thought of my being next. I was surprised by my mental reaction, I
had a yearning that it be me instead of Daria going across his knee. I
didn’t have time to dwell on my feelings, however things were happening too
fast for deep reflection.

CLAP, CLAP, CLAP “OOOowwww” “Huuurrrtssss” SPANK, SPANK

The swats were coming faster now, I sensed the spanking was coming to a


“oooooooo” “ooooooo” “sooorrrrryyy” CLAP, SPANK

The spanking had continued for what seemed like both a long time and in
another way far too short. Then it was over, he was helping her up off his
lap, her hands shot to the back of her fanny and covered her red bottom, she
turned towards where I was and with tears running down her face she stumbled
and headed for me and the bedroom.

She sort of ran to the bedroom in a funny skipping sort of way, her panties
were at her knees and dropping fast as she went, her shorts were still in the
living room having been kicked off and discarded during the spanking.

As she approached, I pulled back into the bedroom, not wanting to be
revealed as a spy. She brushed past me and threw herself on the bed, still
crying. She lay on her stomach with one hand covering her eyes and the other
on one of her bottom cheeks. I approached her slowly looking at her red fanny
with rapt fascination. I reached out and ever so gently placed my fingers
against the redness. “It’s hot, it’s really hot” I thought to my self in
amazement as I with drew my hand. I watched at the places where I had put my
fingers show little pale spots that soon disappeared back to redness almost
as soon as I had withdrawn my hand.

I heard the sounds of a spanking and realized it was Daria’s turn, glancing
at her sister I knew that I would not be missed and since I wanted to see
Daria’s spanking. I slid back out the door and into the hallway.

Daria was across his lap, her jeans were at her ankles and her panties had
been pulled all the way down to join them.

The spanks were being applied with vigor and at a steady pace. Daria’s legs
were off the ground and doing a small curl and then they lowered to the
ground. Her bare bottom was tan and getting red as I watched. With slap to
her fanny it seemed as if the color increased. Her bottom bounced with the
impact of his hand and I heard a whimper.


Daria tossed her head, her long hair flashing across her face as she turned
her head to look back at the hand descending on her red bottom. Her eyes
glistening with tears, as she slowly turned her head forward again.

SPANK, SPANK, SWAT, SPANK, SWAT Daria only cried through out the
spanking, I never heard her utter a sound that was a word.

SWAT, SPANK, SWAT SPANK, SWAT Her right arm stretched out from her body
and started to go back to protect her self and the as if she realized what
her wayward arm was doing, she lowered it.


She arched her back and her fanny pulled forward as if she were trying to
remove her seat as far as possible from the sting of the hand spanking her.

SPANK, SPANK, SWAT,SPANK,SWAT,CLAP Her fanny was as red as I could have ever
imagined a bottom could get. “How that must sting.” I muttered to myself, as
I covered my mouth with my hand in awe of what I was witnessing.

Daria took her spanking better than her sister though I could tell that he
was spanking her harder. The sounds of the spanking bounced into my ears and
seemed so very loud. I wondered what it felt like to Daria. “Surely it must
hurt.” I thought.

Then it was over for Daria, and like her sister she was released from his

Soon Daria scooted past me in the bedroom and joined her sister on the bed.
Two well spanked fannies were on display. I felt bad for them both, but
confessed to myself that I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.

But the night wasn’t complete, I knew that. I was still curious.

I left the bedroom with out a word, I knew what I had to do to make things

I was a jumble of confused thoughts and emotions, I hoped I would have the
nerve to go through with it. I knew that I had to do it, both to square
things with my friends who had just gotten spankings because of me and I just
had to find out what a spanking was really like.

He was sitting in the living room, looking at a news magazine with the TV on
low. He looked up as I approached, his no nonsense look made me want to try
tail and run, but I held steady.

“Sir” I asked politely in a quiet voice that croaked from my mouth. “May I
talk to you?” He nodded his head slightly, seeing this was all the response I
was going to get I spoke quickly and then with a force of effort I took a
deep breath and spoke in a normal pace.

“I’m sorry, about what happened, I mean, well I guess it was part my fault.”
I took another deep breath trying to compose my self. “No Sir, I mean it was
really all my fault.”

I fidgeted from foot to foot like I was nine years old again and confessing
to my Dad, I was nervous and yet I was so excited, my every sense felt alive.
It was like I was aware of everything in the room and at the same time all my
concentration was focused on their Uncle who was scowling back at me and
giving me no indication of what was going on in that fossilized head of his.

“Damn” I thought “This old codger is trying to make this hard on purpose.”

Once more I drew a deep breath with all the vigor that would normally go with
an aerobics class work out that had gone too long. As the air pulled into my
lungs I gasped out in a blurt, what I had come to say.

“Sir, I should be punished the same, it was all my fault.”

There, it was done, I had said it, now the ball was in his court.

He peered at me with one eye brow arching just a bit and spoke for the first
time since I had entered the living room. “It was all your fault, and you
think you should be punished the same as the other two?”

I didn’t have a clue how to respond to that one, so I just stood there trying
not to panic and run.

“My, Oh My” I thought “Kellie girl you’ve gone and done it now, you wanted to
find out about spankings and now you’re in too deep to back out.” The
realization of my situation and the memories of the earlier yelps and cries
from Daria and her sister made me weak in the knees like I’d never felt
before. I could hear the blood pounding in my ears and I was sure that the
sound of my heart was reverberating through the whole house. My palms were
sweaty and felt clammy. I rubbed them against my Jeans to dry them and then
kept rubbing them, it seemed to help my nerves, just a tiny bit.

He gave me a thoughtful look and then nodded towards a chair in the corner of
the room, I realized it was the same chair that he was sitting in when Daria
and her sister got their spankings.

“Put that chair in the center of the room.” He said in a lower voice than I
had heard him use earlier.

With wooden legs I went over and picked up the chair and placed it where he
had indicated. I knew what was coming next, but I didn’t have the nerve to do
it on my own, so I waited for his instruction, it came soon enough.

“Drop your jeans.” Doing as I was told, I looked down and undid the buttons
on my jeans and slowly tugged them down. I felt the cool air sweep over my
legs as they lowered past my panties. I was struck by two odd thoughts, the
first being that I never noticed the cool air before when I took down my
jeans, and that I wished I’d worn different panties.

He was soon sitting in the chair and with ease I went across his lap. I felt
so strange, laying there across his lap, suspended in mid air. It was a
inexplicable feeling, and at the same time I realized that I was all but

His fingers entered the waist band of my panties, I gasped at the intrusion
and then steeled myself, after all “what else had I expected? The other two
had been spanked bare bottom, why should I get any other treatment?” Still my
face burned with embarrassment as I felt his hand rub against my bottom as he
slid my panties down my backside and the down my upper legs. As they slid
away and left me exposed I pulled my legs together tightly as if to protect
my modesty.

I muttered to my self “Kellie, oh Kellie, be brave this is what you wanted.”

The first swat of his heavy hand on my bare bottom, felt like a personal
intrusion unlike any other I had experienced.

SPANK, SWAT, SPANK, SPANK, CLAP with the fifth swat of his hand on my
bottom, I felt a real sting begin to build, it was at this point that I first
became aware of just how much this spanking was going to hurt.

SWAT, SPANK, SWAT, CLAP “okokokokok I’m sorry” CLAP, CLAP,

“OOOooowwwww” SLAP, SWAT, SPANK, “that’s enough” I blubbered,
suddenly aware I was crying. “Quiet, Kelli, this spanking has away to go.” He
responded to my whimpering.

I began struggling, growing frantic at the stinging on my bottom and the
almost unbearable heat.

SPANK, “OOOooo” SWAT “Oouucccchhh” SPANK, SPANK “Oowwwwiii”

My right hand went back to protect my flaming bottom, he brushed it a side
and took my wrist in his right hand and placed it along my side and pulled me
closer to him.


I grabbed onto the legs of the chair and squeezed as tight as I could. My
bottom felt like a thousand bee stings were being applied with each swat, it
was almost more than I could bear, the thought that I had asked for the
spanking didn’t help me at all, it just flat hurt.


The swats came faster and faster it was like one long spank that kept getting
re-applied the second the last one was over. I was losing my composure and
broke down into one long howl of crying and gasping for air.

“OOOOOooo,eeeeee,iiiiiiiii, noooooooo,sorrrrrryyyy,oooowwwwww.”

I was limp across his lap and no longer capable of resistance, I was spent
and one well spanked young lady. I had learned my lesson. I felt his hand on
my shoulder and after a few seconds I realized it was over. I stood up on
unsteady legs and took a few steps and then scurried away as he pointed to
the bedroom.

I ran to the bedroom, stepping out of my jeans and panties. I opened the
door Daria and her sister were still on the bed and turned to look at me as I
entered. I stood there dressed only in my T-shirt and wiped away my tears.

I lay down on the bed next to them and tried to stop crying, a few minutes
later when my tears had subsided I tried to manage a smile. Daria spoke
first. “We heard what you said about it being your fault, we’re really proud
that you asked for a spanking.” I felt so warm and full of friendship and
love that I started crying again.

We lay there together each looking at the other’s red butts and wondering
when they would start to regain their normal color and how much they would
still sting the next day. We decided that it might be a day or so before
bikinis could be worn.
I reached back and decided that my fanny was every bit as hot as Daria’s
sisters had been when I touched it a while ago.

I placed my hand on Daria’s tail and gave her a gentle slap, which I thought
was funny until she did the same to me and it sure stung.

It is now several hours later, the other two have gone to sleep and I’m left
with my thoughts and of course a sore bottom. I’m no longer curious about
what a spanking feels like.

But I do wonder, what the next one will feel like, and when that will be.


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