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ANNA by Helier

Her breasts were soft and drew me in. I caressed them with my eyes where
they nestled in her black bra. She imprinted my credit card with a muscular
motion and I was thrilled by the shudder that went through her flesh. She
knew her low cut t-shirt fell open when she leaned forward and I knew she
would be aware of my eyes on her. I hoped she would know and not mind.
When she raised her head to ask for a signature she had lost none of the
warm glimmering in her eyes that had been there all lunchtime. She had
decided that after all this time there was to be reconciliation between us.
She made her offer and I accepted it greedily.

I had come for lunch in this garden restaurant although it wasn't a usual haunt
for me. I brought two men whose opinions I valued, to discuss a project that
would change the direction of my business and perhaps provide lucrative
work for all of us. This place was near where one of them was going
afterwards so I took the chance. The food was good as it turned out and the
advice they offered was little different to what I had wanted to hear which
made me happy. Isn't that, after all, the perfect kind of advice?

Consequently I had not had to listen too closely to my companions after the
first hour. They were both charming men with whom I had worked
reasonably often but beyond business we had little in common. When our
conversation drifted to more general matters than our proposed venture, my
mind wandered.

The waitress was in her late twenties and quite tall. She had her brown hair
tied loosely on top of her head. Her face was thin with chiselled features
and large brown eyes. The refined shape of her face gave the austere beauty
that ballet dancers often have though her body was bigger than most dancers.
When she came to our table she had introduced herself as Anna. I had
noticed, but not recognized her, from the moment we walked in. She was
striking, dressed in her black t-shirt and fawn mini-skirt. Her eyes were a
fine almond shape and the moment she saw me they seemed to light up and I
had the impression that she coloured a little and turned away. At the time I
gave it no thought but later I remembered the moment and began to watch
more closely her elegant movement around the tables.

It transpired that the mini-skirt was not as simple as it looked. It was
in fact
a pair of canvas cullottes with a flap in front that doubled across to make it
look like a skirt. Though the canvas material was quite ample the garment
was in fact extremely short. When she bent to place food on a table, it crept
up a little to reveal the lower cheeks of her bottom, tantalisingly soft and
in the midst of the busy restaurant.

I tried to concentrate on the conversation but I found myself watching for her
everywhere. I followed her with my eyes, turning casually to where she
would be to catch a breathless glimpse each time she bent forward or twisted
her body. She came several times to our table, bringing and removing
dishes, pouring our wine for us. Each time she came our eyes met and
touched. I enjoyed her openess to me but I was also troubled by it. My
companions were richer, more charming and without doubt more handsome
but she ignored them almost entirely. It was only after the fourth or fifth
time that, quite suddenly, I knew who she was.

I was now 23 years old - a phenomenom in the business world in the sense
that I had started my own design company and had succeeded where others
had failed. I was not rich at this stage but everything was falling
neatly into
place. Six years earlier I had been at high school - an awkward boy,
without redeeming features either socially or academically. The truth was
that I was bored and like many who do not fit into the system I spent my time
day-dreaming and wishing I were somewhere else. Given my ineptitude and
unfashionable isolation no-one, me included, would have predicted the speed
or even the possibility of my subsequent spectacular success.

Anna was a student teacher - we called her Miss Cornwall. She had come
to our school to complete her training. In my youthful way I had fallen in
love with her from the moment the principal had ushered her through the
door. I never hid this from her and in her smiles and in her manner towards
me she seemed to encourage it. But the truth was that the more dependent I
became on her warmth the more she began to humiliate me in small ways. It
was easy enough for her to do - I was hardly one of the in-crowd. She
would make me stand while she asked questions about homework that she
knew I hadn't done or about lessons she knew I hadn't paid attention to. She
would smile sweetly as she did it - taunting and teasing me into making a
worse and worse fool of myself while the others sniggered behind.

On her last day at our school she was particularly sweet to me and I felt she
was trying to make amends. Perhaps the others felt that something would
happen - I could feel their contempt growing as the morning wore on. Five
minutes before the end she walked slowly up and down the rows, talking as
she drew the lesson to a close.

"Luke", she spoke from behind me. Her voice sounded strange. I felt the
whole class lean forward expectantly.

"What are you doing with your hand in your pocket?"

The stupid truth was that it wasn't there - my hand was nowhere near my
pocket - but like fool I walked straight into the trap. In panic I
snapped my hand up on to the desk. It was the guiltiest move I could have
made and as soon as I realized how bad it looked, to make things worse, I
blushed deeply from my forehead to my neck.

"Miss, I ..."

"I won't have boys doing that sort of thing in my classroom, Luke. Please
go and stand outside."

With my eyes I appealed to her desperately but she was unmoved. In the
end I had to get up and walk out of the room under the contemptuous eyes of
the whole class - those who weren't shaking with silent mirth were nudging
each other and making jokes. Some, including some of the girls, made lewd
gestures to me as I went. I wanted to die.

I don't know what she would have said to me if I had waited outside but I did
not wait. I got out into the corridor and kept walking, blinded by shame
and tears. I never went back. I got calls from the school but I was
seventeen and academically hopeless so they weren't overkeen to entice me
back. I went to work as an office junior in an advertizing firm. Within
weeks I had discovered that it wasn't me that was useless after all - I had
things to offer that my school would not have uncovered if I had been there
until doomsday. I was a natural visual artist and for once I was given a
chance to work at something I was good at. As my skill increased so did
my self-confidence and within a couple of years I had my own small but
thriving business. Suddenly I could have had as many friends as I wanted.
I didn't have many however - the scars of youth run deep and I had
discovered that loneliness was uncomfortable but safer.

What was she doing here as a waitress? Surely she had qualified - she was
a trained teacher. The memories of her, my naive feelings for her and what
she had done to me, came flooding back and I couldn't look at her anymore.
I wanted to leave but my companions were still droning on in a pleasant
afternoon haze. She came to the table again and this time I refused to look
at her. She seemed to hover for a long time picking up dishes. I could feel
myself trembling. I wished she would go away.

Suddenly my legs caught fire. She had knocked a small jug of scalding hot
water off the table and on to my knees. I gasped and she put down the
dishes she was carrying in a rush.

"I'm sorry - I'm so sorry", she cried out. She tore off the little apron she
wore and began frantically brushing at my trousers. Suddenly she was on
her knees in front of me rubbing my shoes and trouser legs. It was an
astonishing sight - her hair coming loose and falling round her face, her soft
cleavage bobbing and shaking with the motion of her hands. It was beautiful
and very embarrassing. My companions were eyeing me curiously and
people on other tables were turning to look. I grasped her wrist and drew
her up.

"You don't have to do that - it's o.k."

"It was clumsy - I'm so sorry."

"It happens."

She stood up and turned to face my companions.

"I'll get another jug of hot water, Sir."

"Oh, don't bother. I'll have to be going. Anyway I reckon we got our
money's worth out of that jug!"

They laughed loudly and I was appalled at their coarseness. Anna backed
away, embarrassed, and returned to the kitchen. I shook hands with them
both and told them not to wait for me. They left still laughing.

When I got to the service counter Anna was not there. I looked around and
saw her moving gracefully amongst the tables again. I guessed she would
have to be around 29 but her face still had that clear untroubled innocence
that had attracted me to her six years ago. I watched her now and found her
mesmerizing. I was aware that everywhere she went the eyes both of men
and of women followed her. She bent more than she needed to; she came
closer to people than she needed to. Was she just teasing them? Was it
exhibitionism? Perhaps it was a genuine desire to be generous with her
presence which, as she couldn't have failed to be aware, gave people such
pleasure. I wanted it to be this and I felt my anger towards her melting
away. I could have stood watching her for an hour.

She came back to the counter with her hands full. She apologised and I
waited while she moved around the service area setting things down. I gave
her my credit card.

"I enjoyed ... being here."

"I'm sorry I was so clumsy."

"Miss Cornwall, isn't it?

A strange look came into her eyes that had as much to do with the relief of
knowing for certain I recognized her as the despair of knowing what I knew
about her.

"I often seem to do things that are ... very clumsy."

"Yes," I swallowed hard. "It was clumsy ... Anna ..."

It did me good suddenly to pronounce her christian name.

"But I could forgive it ... your clumsiness. I would love ... to ... "

"What would it take, Luke?"

Probably it I had been given the chance I would have answered 'nothing'.
Nothing but a moment to tell her how badly she had hurt me - perhaps this
was all I needed - but she didn't give me the chance. She leant across the
counter towards me.

"Do you think ... I should be ... punished?" She whispered it and my heart

Her chest was heaving; her lips were slightly open and there was a trace of
fear in her eyes. Was this the conversation we would have had in the
corridor six years ago? I found myself about to stutter an awkward reply -
the kind I would certainly have given six years ago. Just in time I stopped
myself. I looked at her and a new calm swept over me. It didn't have to be
like that. Here was a beautiful woman offering me some kind of expiation
of the torment she had put me through. I only had to reach out and take the
chance. When I spoke, my own voice surprised me.

"Yes, Anna... yes."

I could see her hands shaking. She clasped them together and bit her top

"There are some stairs just inside the door there. At the top there are a
couple of chairs. I'll be free in ten minutes."

"I'll wait for you."

I found the stairs and waited at the top. After a little more than ten
minutes I
heard her footsteps. She seemed hurried.

"I'll be just a moment," she said disappearing into a room that she opened
with a key. After a few minutes the door opened again and she came out. I
half-expected she would have changed her clothes but she hadn't.

"Would you like to come in now?" she said.

I stood up and she came towards me. Very gingerly she leaned forward
and kissed me on the lips. She was just a little smaller than me and I found
myself staring down into her soft brown eyes. I put my hands on her face
and kissed her in return. This was the moment I had dreamed of. I felt a
force of passion between us that drove our bodies hard together - my hands
pressing between her shoulders and at the curve of her lower back. After the
initial wave of wild feeling she pulled away.

"Not yet." she murmured, panting slightly.

"No," I agreed. "Not yet."

She took my hand and led me into a simple apartment. It had bulky, old-
fashioned furniture that looked comfortable. A door led off, I supposed to
the bedroom. It was slightly ajar.

"I'm not a teacher anymore," she smiled.

"No, I guessed that. What happened?"

"Well, I suppose you did, Luke ... you and so many other ... incidents. I
realised I couldn't be a teacher."

"Why not?"

"I couldn't live with what I was becoming. It was something inside me -
something cruel. Having young people - so vulnerable - under my control
brought something out in me that I thought was ... corrupt."


"After I left your school I qualified. I got a job in a girl's boarding
It was the same there as it was with you only this time it was girls that
fell in
love with me. I'm ashamed to say ... I treated them the same as I treated
you. It gave me pleasure to humiliate them and then, Luke ... and then, at
night, on my own, I would give myself even more pleasure remembering the
looks on their faces, remembering their tears and their shame."

"Touching yourself ... masturbating?"

"Yes," she whispered.

It felt good to have her confess that to me after what had passed between us.

"There was one girl - and this is what finished it for me. An incident when I
was on night duty. She was beautiful. Her name was Andrea. She was
seventeen years old. She was a brilliant gymnast with almost white blond
frizzy hair. She was a little crazy and the others loved her - including the
other staff. She could get away with anything, of course, because it was all
innocent pranks she got up to. She loved me and I knew it and - this was
what was so awful - I loved her. I really did. She was passionate and I
had been really kind to her up to this point.

I was walking through the school at night. I heard a noise from the gym. I
remember looking in through a glass panel in the door and I could see a glow
coming from one end. I crept in quietly and watched. It was Andrea with
five of the other girls. They all had long white nightdresses and they each
had a candle - it looked so magical. Andrea was whispering to them and
they were all giggling. They were quite excited but I couldn't hear what
they were saying. Then Andrea got up and went to the horizontal beam.
The others crept around and she began to do one of her routines.

"In the dark?"

"Yes, almost. No dangerous leaps or rolls - just the stepping and turning. I
was going to intervene but then I saw her slip the ribbon out of her hair and
drop it into the hands of one of the girls. They all giggled - they were very
... excited. Then she did the same with the gym shoes she was wearing -
took them off as part ... a kind of extension of the routine. The girls were
were calling out in hoarse whispers for her to go on. I could hear it quite
clearly now. She was so graceful with that tight little body and her hair
catching the candlelight all round her face. She looked like an angel. I
was with the girls - I desperately wanted her to go on.

She did . She took a few more turns and then in one movement she did a
full pirouette and lifted her nightdress right off. It was just
All she had underneath was a little black bra and panties. I couldn't make up
my mind what to do. I knew it was an innocent little game and really I
should just send them off to bed with a stern warning and then have a quiet
word with Andrea in the morning. But I felt something like an ache in my
body that I knew wouldn't go away. They'd put themselves right in my
hands - especially Andrea.

I let her go one step further. She put her tongue on her lips and rolled her
eyes. They were shining. She looked like a little picture of
lasciviousness. Then she reached up behind, unhooked her bra and took it
off. She wasn't even pretending to do the routine anymore. Her breasts,
Luke ... they were lovely - small and delicately shaped with little pointed
nipples and her skin was smooth as silk. I could have wept with the
pleasure of it."

She paused for a moment, remembering.

"What did you do?"

"I waited just a second - until she began to pull her panties down - then I
moved and cleared my throat. Just enough for them to know I was there.
She froze and they all stared round panic-stricken, but they couldn't see me -
they were staring into the dark.

I said 'Come down from there, Andrea' and she jumped down and stood
amongst them, looking so guilty and scared. Someone handed her the
nightdress and she tried to put it on but I stopped her.

I said 'Leave the nightdress on the floor, please, Andrea, and stand over

I made her stand away from them and she did it very quickly. She was
hiding her breasts with her hands and looking frightened - and it was just
making me more and more excited.

I made them all get up from the floor. I said 'Please go and stand in a row
facing the beam.'

They all did that but then I asked one of them, a pretty little blond called
Lydia, to fetch Andrea's gym shoes. When she came back with them I
quietly sent her away with more instructions.

I walked along behind them really slowly. Two of them were sniffling and
they were all shuffling about uncomfortably. I spoke to them in a quiet
voice so they had to strain to hear me.

'Girls, I think that you are aware that what you were doing was wrong. I
am prepared to deal with this myself rather than involve the principal or your
parents but naturally you cannot expect to disobey school rules and not be
punished for what you have done. Do you all understand that?'

They all mumbled something and one girl - her legs were shaking - she
started rubbing her bottom - she knew what was coming.

'Please bend over with your hands and shoulders on the beam.'

Suddenly Andrea spoke up - I knew she would.

'Please, Miss, it was all my fault. Please don't punish them, Miss.'

I could hear she was close to tears and feeling really sorry she had got them
into trouble but I just said 'Thank you, Andrea, I am aware of your part in
this matter.' I smiled at her lovingly, persuasively, reassuring her that I
would never let anything bad happen to her.

I picked up one of the gym shoes and and went to the first girl in the row. I
lifted her nightdress. She had nylon panties on - stretched they were almost
transparent. I said to her: 'Mary, I'm surprised you have let yourself be
drawn into this. I thought you knew better.'

She went to say something but quickly I raised the shoe and cut her off with
a whack across her panties that made her gasp. After two more she was
squealing like a little pig and jumping around but I didn't stop. I made her
cry and scream for mercy before I stopped. I couldn't quite see her bottom
through her panties but her legs were crimson and, frankly, I could feel
myself growing wet with the excitement of it.

The next was Franca. She had long black hair tied back in a ponytail. She
was already weeping and she just screamed when she felt the first sting
across her legs. She had a thin high-pitched scream and she hardly even
paused for breath. Again and again I smacked her bottom with the shoe,
first on one side and then on the other. She didn't dare take her hands from
the beam but she squirmed and in the end literally leapt up and down each
time I spanked her. She didn't stop screaming until I'd moved on to the next
girl and then I was thrilled to hear her last scream just cascading into floods
of high-pitched wailing sobs.

Serena was fabulous. She had her arms on the beam but she was staying as
upright as possible, determined not to lose any dignity. She caught my eye
and kind of fixed herself, defiantly. I could see she was breathing hard. I
waited behind her for a moment. She tried to keep still and calm but she
couldn't help glancing back over her shoulder. I waited until the tension
became unbearable for her then finally she took a deep breath and said
'Please Miss ...'

I lifted her nightdress very gently and gave her a huge whack right at the top
of her inside thigh. Andrea's little shoe nosed in really close to her sex and
the rubber was wicked on her soft flesh. Her whole body went rigid and
shuddered with the shock. She was determined not to cry out but the
second stroke made her gasp and the third forced her to sob. She did it
silently though. She was so tight. I had no mercy on her. She was
wearing red satin panties which none of the girls were allowed. Just when I
knew she would be thinking it was nearly over I paused and commented on
the panties. I made her push them into the crack between her buttocks and
then started on her again so she felt it directly on her bare bottom. In the
end she did cry out even though I could feel her fighting it all the way.
When she glanced back she was still trying not to cry but I could see tears
streaking down her face and I stopped. I just had to admire her

Angie was next and she was just a mess. She was crying buckets just
thinking about what was going to happen to her precious bottom. I gave her
everything she was most afraid of and a few down her chubby legs to make
her really shriek.

When I'd finished I turned round . I could see two figures. One was
Lydia, staring quite literally round-eyed in terror, and the other was Andrea.
She no longer remembered to cover her breasts with her arms. She was
watching everything minutely and I have never seen such excitement in
anyone's eyes. She wanted to see more so I gave it to her.

I didn't wait for Lydia to go to the beam. I told her quite gently to
put her
hands on her head. As soon as she did it, I lifted her nightdress and whipped
with the shoe across the flesh of her thighs. She leapt, squealing, and
by the
third stroke she was almost uncontrollable. I told her to pull herself
together and made her bend over and touch her toes. She begged me not to
do it to her but she knew she was wasting her breath. By the time I finished
her bottom and legs were glowing. She was wailing hysterically and her
tears were dripping on to the floor in almost a continual stream.
I sent her to join the others then I let them all straighten up and rub their
stinging bottoms which they all did. Even Serena - I could see her trying to
take the heat out of her flesh even though she tried to disguise it as if
she was
just smoothing the red satin knickers out across her buttocks.

I turned to Andrea. Behind her were the uneven horizontal bars on which
she spent such long hours training. I told the others to sit which they did,
cautiously. I picked up the cane Lydia had brought from my office and told
Andrea to jump up and grab the bar. I said it with a nice reassuring tone but
she saw what was in my hand and she stared at me wide-eyed, her face an
intoxicating mixture of fear and excitement. She hesitated so I said 'Andrea'
quietly. She heard the tone in my voice and immediately she turned and

'Down again', I said.

I told her I expected my orders to be obeyed without question and I asked
her to put out her hand. She did and I grasped her wrist firmly. Twice I
brought the cane down on her hand. It wasn't hard but enough to make her
gasp and the second time she gave a little cry, more in fear than in hurt. I
took her other hand and did the same but this time I made the second stroke a
little harder so that she gave a little scream of pain.

'Up, Andrea', I said to her gently.

She reacted like a little frightened rabbit, leaping up instantly to grab
the bar.
She made the most beautiful picture hanging from the bar, her long slender
body stretched, her arms wide, her shining hair spread around her shoulders.
I remember tracing her form - over her muscular shoulders, past her
narrowing back and slim waist, over her hips where the black panties covered
her sweet round buttocks, down her strong thighs and dangling lower legs.
I stepped up behind her and spoke quietly to her.

'I know you are not a bad girl but you do silly things and, at times like now,
you lead others into trouble with you. I am going to punish you severely,
Andrea, and I want you to reflect that this is for your own good and will help
you to remember that everything you do has a consequence.'

When I had finished speaking I reached up and very gently began to pull her
knickers down. She was shocked and she cried out - 'Oh no, Miss. Please!'

'Wasn't this what you were going to do yourself, Andrea? Wasn't it?'

'Yes', she said, deeply ashamed.

'Thank you for your honesty', I said.

She hung limply while I drew her panties over her buttocks and down to her
knees. I remember how soft and white her bottom looked in the
candlelight. Her buttocks were round and firm with the muscles finely
developed by her training. I swished the cane a couple of times close by and
saw her tense. Next I placed the cane across her naked bottom and said
'Prepare yourself for your punishment, Andrea.'

I drew back the cane and waited a moment then I whisked it through the air
and gave her a stinging stripe across both of her buttocks. She jerked her
legs up with an astonished cry. I think it hurt more than she expected but
really it was not nearly as much as she was going to get. The next stroke
was twice as hard and sent her into almost a convulsion. A third stroke and
she was pumping her legs desperately as much as her knickers would let her.
She was wailing hysterically and the cane left bright red marks across her
bottom and thighs. I speeded the strokes a little, afraid that her sore hands
wouldn't hold her up long enough for me to give her all I wanted to. Her
body twisted and turned and she threw back her head, crying loudly as she
felt the wicked cane biting into her softest flesh over and over again, unable
to avoid a single stroke of her punishment in spite of all the desperate
threshing of her hips.

Finally I stopped. I had spanked so many of them. I was exhausted and I
knew Andrea couldn't take much more. I turned to the weeping girls and
shooed them out of the room leaving me alone there with Andrea.

I put my arms around her waist. She was still howling with pain but she let
go of the beam and slipped back to the floor through my arms. For a
moment she faced away from me sobbing helplessly then quite suddenly she
turned around with tears streaming down her face and kissed me full on the
mouth. I was so shocked that I let her do it - and I found myself sliding my
hands down to caress her bottom. The cane had made it so ... hot. Then,
almost against my will I began to kiss her back. I suddenly realised I
wanted to. I wanted to kiss her - in fact that was what I had wanted all
along. I loved her and that was why I had been so savage with all of them."

"What did you do?"

" ... I smacked her face. I grabbed her by the hair until she screamed then I
marched her all the way back to the dormitory."

"Oh, God ... Was she alright?"

"It was terrible. She never did gymnastics again. Nothing would persuade
her to go back into the gym. The exams were two weeks later and she
failed them - almost all. The other girls talked about her and she became
quiet and withdrawn."

"Couldn't you have helped her?"

"I couldn't. What could I say to her? She never told anyone why she was
so upset but I couldn't bear it. I left the school. I left teaching."

There was catch in Anna's voice and I knew she was going to cry. I put out
my hand to comfort her and the puddles of tears spilled over and rolled down
her cheeks.

"It was the same thing I did to you and to others. I did terrible things."

She broke into sobs. I went to hold her close but she stopped me.

"Not yet", she said through her tears.

Her big eyes were desperate. She was silently appealing to me to take
charge and the desire to do so slowly overtook me. I thought of the girl and
remembered my own hurt. I thought of the other people she could have
hurt in this way and how the thought of it must haunt her. I wanted to
punish her for both our sakes.

"Anna, the things you have done are wicked. You have acted cruelly and
destructively and with terrible selfishness. You must accept punishment for

She gulped and lowered her eyes.

"Yes", she murmured.

"Well then, take down your shorts and knickers. Go and stand by the sofa."

Without raising her eyes she stepped back from me and undid the the front
flap of her culottes. Her trembling fingers fumbled with the zip and then she
drew her panties down with them to just below her little mound of pubic hair.
She stopped there realizing she still had to cross the room then, still
them, she walked awkwardly to the sofa, her bare bottom showing just below
the little black t-shirt.

"Bend over, Anna. Put your hands on the seat."

Her culottes fell to the floor as soon as she let them go leaving only her
knickers stretched across the tops of her thighs. I went to her and pulled
them all the way down. She stepped out of them and I parted her legs and
pushed her down until her forearms were flat on the seat of the sofa. This
made her bottom stick up, round and smooth. I stroked it lovingly for a
moment then, without warning, I smacked her hard just where I had been
stroking. She squealed plaintively and I saw her buttocks tense in
anticipation of the next. I waited only a moment before giving it to her,
much harder on the same spot. The marks of my fingers already criss-
crossed the white flesh and I gave her another to make her jump and twist in

She was breathing fast in deep gasps and I knew I could make her tears come
quite easily. I felt an urgent need to make her cry from her spanking and
knowing she was so close to tears gave me more strength. I chose another
part of her writhing buttocks and gave her a stinging slap that made her
shudder. After a second and a third I heard her beginning to choke.

I was about to continue when a sound distracted me. It seemed like a low
gasping moan and it came from the bedroom. Puzzled I walked towards
the bedroom door. Anna looked round and saw me.

"No." Her voice was a whispered appeal which I ignored.

Silently I pushed open the bedroom door and looked in. A girl sat on the
bed. Her dress was pulled up to her hips and her panties were around her
ankles. Between her open thighs her glistening fingers were moving slowly
and sensually through and over her sex. For a beautiful moment she
continued unaware of my presence. Then suddenly she raised her head in
surprise, tossing back her shoulder length white blond hair. Her mouth was
open and her eyes were wide and tearful. She stopped the movement of her
fingers although she didn't take them away from her sex.

"Andrea," I whispered and she nodded. "Come and watch."

She hesitated for a moment then from behind her, with her free hand, she
brought out a thick black leather belt.

"Do it with this," she pleaded, her eyes filling with tears again. "I
can't love
her properly until she has been punished. Please ... I want her so much."

"I will need you to help me," I said and held out my hand.

Again she hesitated for a moment. I could see the confusion in her eyes -
I'm sure it matched the confusion in mine. Then she pulled the panties off,
flung them on the bed and stood up. She came and offered me the belt,
deliberately smearing it with the wetness of her fingers. I took it and
hand in
hand we stepped back into the main room.

Anna, now collapsed into a crouching position over the sofa, was sobbing
quietly into the satin cushion. There was no doubt she had heard the
conversation and knew what Andrea wanted me to do to her.. I could hear
the note of fear in her moaning sobs. Following my indications Andrea
eased herself on to the sofa with her legs on either side of our former
teacher's head. She pulled her dress up to her hips again and took hold of
Anna's wrists.

"Anna, this is it," I said quietly, laying the harsh leather belt gently
across her
reddened buttocks. She shivered slightly and at my urging, raised herself to
a kneeling position. Her upper body was thrust across the seat of the sofa,
her bottom round and very exposed and her face hard up against Andrea wet
open sex. Instinctively she began to lick and suck at the girl's soaking
Andrea moaned a long deep moan and stared intensely down to where the
tears rolling down her lover's face mingled with her own warm juices.

I was transfixed with the beauty of it and for a moment lost the will to let the
shock of the leather interrupt them. Andrea must have felt my hesitation.
She moaned again in lyrical pleasure as she felt the sweet burrowing tongue
tasting her soft furrow. Then she lifted her head and murmured with a voice
like honey "No mercy, Luke ... none ... punish her."

For one more moment I watched her lovely face, her eyes rolling back with
pleasure, then I drew back the belt. I aimed the first at Anna's thighs
than her buttocks to avoid the shock jerking her forward. The belt swept
down and slashed viciously across her legs, wrapping itself round to whip
almost to the front of her thighs. She jerked up in a soundless scream. I
could see Andrea holding tight on her wrists to stop her pulling away.
When she calmed Andrea released one of her wrists and stroked her head
down to continue its sweet work at her slit.

Again I swept the belt back and brought it cracking down across her thighs.
This time as soon as she jerked up I gave her the harshest stroke yet, the belt
whistling across her trembling buttocks and curling round to catch the top of
her thigh and flick wickedly at her sex. Anna howled out with pain and
terror and Andrea had to fight to hold her down.

"Go on, go on," Andrea pleaded. "Whip her ... Punish her."

With Andrea clutching her with hands, arms and legs I layed into Anna. She
responded with heartrending screams and her hysterical crying was so panic-
stricken I was afraid she would choke. In holding Anna down Andrea
almost envelopped her with the result that the flying leather laid nearly as
many vivid stripes on her bare legs as on Anna. She screamed and cried too
but still she hung on, determined to see Anna take every possible stinging

Dazzled by a sea of crimson writhing flesh I brought the belt slashing down
time and time again, no longer caring which of them bore the brunt.
Suddenly I realised that Andrea's screams of pain had turned to ecstasy as a
long shuddering climax overtook her. I stopped their punishment and
dropped to my knees beside them. Anna, still weeping uncontrollably, was
nevertheless lapping at Andrea's swollen clittoris, extending her delight as
long as possible. From close by I watched in fascination at how softly her
tongue caressed the folds of flesh around Andrea's throbbing sex and I
marvelled at her dedication to her friends pleasure considering the agony she
was in.

"Luke." I heard my name, spoken softly, and looked into Andrea's face,
now utterly at rest and serene. "Would you like to come inside her?"

She saw the answer in my eyes.

"Be gentle with her," she whispered.

Presently, with infinite care, I pushed my way into Anna's tender
vagina. She winced and sobbed a little. Several times the belt had licked
cruelly around the lips of her sex and the touch of my sex on hers was a
burning that brought tears to her eyes. When I was fully inside her she
relaxed and moaned softly with the movement.

Andrea reached down and pulled off her black t-shirt and bra. It was lovely
to see finally the breasts that had tantalized me so endearingly earlier.
Now I just wanted her to bask in sweetest pleasure. Andrea stroked her
face, massaging her neck and breasts, while I lightly ran my fingers over the
brilliant red stripes of her punishment. The delight of being inside her,
knowing who she was, brought waves of exhilaration. I felt as if some knot
deep inside me was at last unravelling. Andrea leaned over and we kissed.
I knew that nothing would ever be the same again for any of us. What had
haunted us was buried and in its place was joy we could build on for the rest
of our lives. I felt my beautiful teacher shudder beneath me and with a
cry I flooded her belly with love.

the pain files - extreme bdsm and spanking

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