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Four short stories by Helier

Sonia (F/F), Erica (F/F), Megan (M/F) & Lydia (F/F)


These stories each contain a scene
which is a clear description of
a young woman being spanked.
Personally I don't find it at all
offensive but I'm willing to
believe that some people might.

Could I therefore recommend
that these stories are read only
by adults who are entirely
convinced that they can
read such material with

SONIA by Helier

She was the most beautiful, graceful girl I have ever seen. Each afternoon I
watched her covertly and though I have never been attracted to other
women, I developed an irrepressible desire to be spanked by her.

I had taken Sonia as my maid. She studied law in the mornings and came
to me each afternoon. She was cheerful, conscientious and respectful but
though we chatted a little everyday I was careful to preserve my distance.

Herein lay the problem. My desires pressed ever more urgently but, without
becoming more intimate with her, how could I realise them? The answer
was simple and came to me one afternoon. Sonia is my maid - surely
anything I require for my comfort is her duty. I called her and she came
and stood before me expectantly.

"Sonia. Are you ever inclined to question my directions?"

"No, Ma'am." She seemed genuinely shocked.

"And I can rely upon your absolute discretion?"

"Of course, Ma'am."

"On my desk you will find a large ruler. Please bring it here."

She returned with the ruler and held it out. I made no move to take it.

"Tell me honestly - have you ever had occasion to give chastisement?"

She was obviously surprised by the question.

" ... No, Ma'am."

"Sonia. I would like to be spanked. I expect you to acquire the necessary
skills to oblige me in this."

Her pretty mouth fell open and her eyes were wide.

"Please give me a hard stroke on my hand so that I may judge your ability."

I held my hand out. How my heart raced when I saw her gulp and raise the
ruler. Her eyes were terrified but her stroke, when it came, was as light as a
patter of rain.

"That won't do, Sonia. Please give me the ruler and turn around."

Again she obeyed me and immediately I gave her three sharp strokes on her
bottom. She squealed, trying to move out of the way, then shrieked as she
caught another stinging stroke across her bare thighs. I pressed the ruler
into the hand that was not clamped across her bottom and, turning from her,
knelt up on the seat of my chair.

"Thank you, Sonia. Please do not stop until I tell you."

I could feel the nerves fluttering in my stomach as I listened to her halting
breath. Would she? I felt a delicate shift of air on my legs and suddenly -
oh, she had such a touch ...!

Time and again her vicious ruler swished across my tight silk dress. I
glanced back and through my tears I could see the little vixen loving it. My
terrified eyes drove her all the harder until I was wet with the shameful
thrill of it. I made her continue until she could go no more.

When she was finished I sat carefully back on my chair.

"You may serve tea now, Sonia."

"Yes, Ma'am", she said and went happily about her duties.





ERICA by Helier

When Madeleine splashed her books and clothes Erica was angry and said
so. As a new flatmate Maddy seemed to find every opportunity to annoy.
She was generous and friendly but did nothing to help and Erica was lost
for solutions.

"Madeleine, I hate that," she said rather ineffectually.

Maddy rose from the pool, nearly six foot high, with amusement curling
her deep seductive voice.

"So what do you want to do - spank me?"

"Yes," snapped Erica thoughtlessly and instantly regretted it.

Madeleine padded majestically across to Erica. Her powerful body
seemed very intimidating in its tiny bikini. Smiling gracefully she
arranged herself over Erica's insubstantial lap. The cane chair groaned
with the weight.

Erica was thrown into confusion. Suddenly she had a big wet girl across
her knees and she felt stupid. She wanted to push her away but then what?
She could imagine herself retreating inside, sulking and frustrated, while
Madeleine continued her leisurely afternoon swim. That wasn't fair.

For a moment she surveyed the high-cut yellow bikini stretched
translucently across Madeleine's gorgeous wet bottom then she decided.
Raising her hand she slapped her flatmate's unprotected lower buttocks
with all her might. Madeleine stirred uncomfortably - this was not quite
what she had expected.

Erica didn't look strong but daily tennis made a difference. She gave
Madeleine another couple of hefty smacks around the same spot and saw
her otherwise blissfully pink flesh becoming distinctly red. She
picked another spot for the same treatment and spanked on.

When the spanking stopped Madeleine got up slowly. To Erica's surprise
she was not smiling sarcastically. Her face was flushed and she seemed
bewildered, about to cry. Her trembling hands fluttered pitifully around
her sore bottom. Erica's heart leapt with strange excitement. She found it
beautiful and wanted to go all the way.

"Madeleine," she almost whispered. "I'm not finished yet."

The big girl's eyes grew round with fear and humiliation. At Erica's firm
indication she bent over the chair, tears already streaming down her face.
Erica took the leather strap from Maddy's discarded jeans and wrapped the
buckle end around her hand. Madeleine cried out when her wet bikini
pants were dragged over her red thighs but she didn't protest.

Erica raised the belt high over her head then applied it with a vicious
Madeleine tried to hold herself steady but within moments she was crying
like a baby and leaping around as Erica's stinging strokes tortured her soft
wet bottom. Erica belted her until she was fiery red, howling and begging
for mercy.

Erica finally dropped the belt, exhausted, and Maddy ran into the house
crying. Erica was unsure what to expect from her now. Why had
Madeleine let herself be spanked? She had even suggested it herself.
Erica waited ten minutes expecting the worst then went inside. She found
Madeleine in the kitchen washing dishes for the first time ever. She was
singing happily to herself and her bare bottom glowed like the sun.





MEGAN by Helier

At five past five when everyone had gone Megan came and stood before my
desk. She waited until I looked up then took a deep breath.

"Sir," she said - so far I hadn't been able to persuade her to call me anything
else. "Sir ... I really, really want to be punished, Sir. Really."

"Oh, God."

I suppose I knew when I hired Megan that she would be different. She was
an only child whose parents had taught her themselves. Though she was
perhaps naive for a seventeen year old she had the skills to be an excellent
office junior with a bright future. She was cheerful, willing, everybody
loved her. In fact everything was going fine until I asked her to balance the
Collins account. She added it up wrong.

It wasn't a big mistake but she didn't spot it and it threw the whole balance
out. I fixed it and explained where the mistake was and thought that was
the end of it. Then she asked an extraordinary question - was she to be
punished now or after working hours. Punished!?

She explained she was always spanked if she got something wrong - that's
how she learned. Naturally the idea of spanking this lovely girl for a wrong
addition appalled me. I was deeply embarrassed and sent her away. All
yesterday she had been subdued and today she was positively morose.
People were asking what I had said to her which was even more
embarrassing. At least it was a relief to know what was bothering her.

"Megan, you're not a child anymore. You're working now."

"All the more reason."

"But office workers don't get spanked for mistakes! Oh, here, hold out
your hand ... "

I gave her a tap on the wrist.

"There, you've been punished - now go away."

She looked deeply hurt.

"How can work be important if nothing happens when I get it wrong?"

"Of course it's important but I trust you. If I know you're doing your best I
can't punish you for little mistakes."

"But that's no use. I'm already so ashamed I can't sleep and, look - now I'm
arguing with you."

What could I do? It's what she was used to.

"Alright, Megan. Come round here."

She came and I turned her to face the wall.

"Lift your skirt a little."

I gave her two mighty slaps on each leg, just below her panties.

"Ow. Ow!" She turned back to me, biting her lip and breathing in little

"Sir," she pleaded, her voice slightly unsteady. "If I bent over your desk,
couldn't you just give me a proper spanking. Please, Sir."

I gave up.

"Megan ... oh, very well."

Rewarding me with a beautiful smile of relief, she lifted her pretty mini-skirt
above her waist and lay flat across my desk.

"Thank you, thank you, Sir. And, Sir ..."


"Since its the first time you may leave my panties on - but on my very next
mistake ... "

"Yes, Megan."



LYDIA by Helier

Into Agnes Livingstone's kitchen strode a tall confident girl. She had black
hair, long legs, powerful breasts and a silver stud in her nose. Agnes stood
up from her cooking and locked her daughter in a lasting embrace.

"I did it, Mum - I got the gold." She produced her gleaming gold medal and
laid it in her mother's hand.

"The best in the world." Agnes' eyes filled with tears and they embraced

"And while I was in Atlanta I heard from the school. I passed every exam -
almost all A's - they've made me school captain."

"Perfect, Lydia, perfect. How was it there?"

"It was good, Mum. I loved it - and people loved me."

"Nothing bad?"

"A date with a guy who tried to rape me."

"Oh, Lydia ..."

"It was awful, Mum. I thought I'd killed him. Luckily there were others."

"You had someone there?"

"Someone gorgeous. Don't worry, I didn't let him inside ... but everything
else. He was in the heptathlon - so strong and gentle."

Agnes stroked her cheek.

"And the girls?" she asked quietly.

"Two", Lydia smiled, her eyes shining. "They were beautiful and so kind.
I loved them."

"Will you be writing to them all?"

"No, Mum. I told them very clearly - when we leave Atlanta, forget me."

They laughed and hugged again.

"I was offered two photo-shoots and a part in a movie."


"The movie's crap, I turned it down. The magazines are both nudies. One
pays a lot but I don't like the people. The other is quality so I said I'd
do it next year."

Agnes' face filled with pride.

"You've grown up so well, Lydia. I worried about you when your father
died but, look at you."

Lydia blushed.

"The best in school: the best in the world. You're in control of your life
now. D'you feel that?"

"I think I do. Yes."

"Good." Agnes' eyes narrowed. "Is there anyone in the world you still
have to answer to?"

"Yes, Mum."

Agnes' eyes softened and her voice grew quiet.

"And have you lied to that person recently?"

"No, Mum."

"Or deceived them?"

"No, Mum."

"Stolen from them?"

Lydia's eyes dropped. She bit her lip and reached into her bag.

"Mum, when I left ... I borrowed your hairbrush without asking."

"I know", said Agnes softly.

At a nod from her mother, Lydia sighed and obediently reached under her
tiny denim skirt to pull her panties down. Her eyes were already brimming
with tears as she bent over the kitchen table.

"There are only two people in this world who can't afford to forget who you
are, Lydia."

Lydia gripped the table fearfully - she knew what to expect and, sure
enough, by the fourth stroke of the hairbrush she was already squealing and
dancing like a little girl. Thank heaven for Agnes who was always there to
see she didn't start believing her own publicity. Wow, an olympic gold
medal - she was really going to get it this time.

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